14 - Gardener’s World

May 13, 2017


Tom Campbell and Dave Roberts are BACK to delve deep into the failed ECW reboot of 2006. In this episode ECW eminates for the very first time from Madison Square Garden!

Which star ushered in the "Poo Suit Era" in MSG?

Where is Bertolli Olive Oil from?

Why is this episode NEARLY TWO HOURS LONG? Do Tom and Dave not know that I've got a busy life? The first one was 40 minutes, that was ideal. This is just beyond the pale ffs!

All these questions WILL be answered.

Presented by Tom Campbell (@TomCampbell) and Dave Roberts (@RealDaveRoberts)

Opening song "Weird Science" by Oingo Bongo (c) 1985 Danny Elfman and MCA Records

All clips are (c) 2006 World Wrestling Entertainment

Gardener's World Theme (c) British Broadcasting Corporation

Closing song "Science Fiction" from Rocky Horror Picture Show (c) 20th Century Fox


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