19 - Rebecca Dipietr-No!

July 1, 2017

Tom Campbell and Dave Roberts delve deep into the failed ECW reboot of 2006. This week RVD gets a chance at redemption and Sandman gets chance to cane the bejeus out of Matt Striker!

Why does Rebecca DiPetrio stare into my soul?

Why are we happier than ever to see Croupier Balls Mahoney?

Is there such thing as a Momma Benjamin On A Pole Match?

All these questions WILL be answered.

Presented by Tom Campbell (@TomCampbell) and Dave Roberts (@RealDaveRoberts)

Opening song "Weird Science" by Oingo Bongo (c) 1985 Danny Elfman and MCA Records

All clips are (c) 2006 World Wrestling Entertainment

Kirby's Dream Course music (c) 1993 Nintendo of Japan

Closing song "Science Fiction" from Rocky Horror Picture Show (c) 20th Century Fox


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